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Blog Articles

Just need some quality content on your blog? I specialize in content relevant to female bloggers and  online entrepreneurs. Whether your a mom blogger, coach, trainer, writing an online course or have an idea for a Pinterest worthy blog post, I can help with your content writing needs! Here’s a recent sample of my work over at Practically Functional.

SEO & Web Content

Are you trying to keep valuable and quality content on your site but also wanting to make sure that your posts and pages pull up for the right keywords? I offer a service that goes in and skillfully weaves your keywords through your current posts OR creates brand new content for your site with the keywords needed. Bonus: I even update and format SEO Yoast as needed! Content writing will be checked off your list in no time!


Do you have notes and materials from conferences, webinars and other thoughts you’ve collected and intended to “one day” write them all into a blog post? Guess what? “One Day” is here! You can send me your notes, your outlines, recordings and I’ll write a blog post as YOU. You’ll look amazing and it’ll be our secret.

Professional Content Editing

Content WRITING and quality content is not all that is key to your site’s credibility. The majority of business owners and bloggers in English speaking countries prefer their sites to be written in excellent English. Why? Because it is always obvious when your content has been written by someone whose first language ISN’T English. Words are left out. Grammar and “tense” is often neglected and can make you sound unprofessional. Excellent editing and grammar are HUGE when it comes to first impressions. I can edit both formally (AP Style) and informally in today’s current language and slang while making your content polished and professional.

Email Marketing and Sales Funnels

Need content written or edited for your email automations and campaigns? I can handle that and also uploading them into MailChimp for you.

**MailChimp template design, automations (funnels), landing pages are additional service cost from content writing.

**Click Funnels: Currently looking for a “guinea pig” to work with in Click Funnels. You’ll pay  for your own Click Funnels account and I’ll set up your funnels/landing pages at a reduced cost. Contact me to chat about the possibilities!

WordPress Website Design & Setup

Basic WordPress websites branded with your colors, images and logo.

*stock images provided if needed

Option to upload your content for you.


WordPress Website Design and Content Writing Package

I build your website and write professionally content for your pages. A big time saver and remover of headaches and hassle for you.

Prices begin at $750

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My name is Krissy Gillaspia. I’m a Texan mom of 2 boys who loves hiking, hanging out by the river, coconut sno cones, coconut coffee, coconut ice cream and well…yeah, you get the idea. Coconut rocks! 


My services are tailored to entrepreneurs who have a passion for helping others, making things easier for their own clients and generally those who share a love of constantly being our best inside and out.

I offer a combination of content/copy writing, professional editorial services, and WordPress services. I can work with most WordPress themes but I really enjoy working with Divi. So, if you like the look of sites using Divi, we should chat, it’s my jam!

Please browse the site and if it looks like we might be a good fit, click the SCHEDULE CALL button. I’ve placed it liberally around the site so you can’t miss it. No, really, you can’t… it’s…everywhere.



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