Whether you are just getting started or you have been an entrepreneur for years, there is always a need for brief, bite sized reminders when it comes to marketing.

If you don’t know it already, you will. Social media can keep you pretty busy if you aren’t at the point where you can hire a social media manager.

You want to focus on what you love and working your business. So, in the case of Instagram, there are a few quick and easy strategies you can launch today.

I know you are busy so I’ll keep it short and sweet. Plus, I’ll try to make these tips easy to remember.


Write a great bio. First impressions are everything. Make sure that your visitors know who you are, what you do and how they can connect, shop or learn more. Don’t forget: You can use emojis to make your website link stand out.

Note: Instagram allows you to put one, yes, that is just ONE, URL or clickable website in your profile. That link goes in your bio. Remember, if you are selling something or promoting a service, you want people to be able to find you. Don’t forget to include a few words on what they can expect when they click your link. Use easy phrases like “Click to visit” or “Learn more at” or “Get 15% at.” 

Tip #2

Hashtags are your hero. Research shows that if you aren’t using hashtags you are missing out. Hashtags are not only searchable on social media platforms but today’s Internet users enter hashtags into search engines like Google.

When using hashtags, you want to follow 3 main strategies for optimal benefit.

1. Identify targeted hashtags. Think about who your audience is and what they may be searching for. Also, think about what your peers and competitors are using for hashtags.

  • Finding targeted hashtags strategy: One way to do this is to use the search option on Instagram. For example, if I want to attract female entrepreneurs in the direct selling or boutique industries who need blog posts about their home business or side hustle. I could search for #sidehustle or #homebusiness but that’s too general. So, instead I’m going to start with terms like #girlboss and #momboss.
  • #momboss gives me over a million choices. I want to narrow it down further. I see that a common hashtag is #popupshop. It has over 600,000 but I notice that #mobile boutique is showing just over 125,000 posts.  I also notice that women in different direct selling businesses use the name of their business in different hashtags. I would consider using the names of these businesses to attract new audience members.

My next step is to save these hashtags and click on them individually and determine which ones are more popular and which ones my audience might also be using or searching. These hashtags could allow you to branch into a different category.

2.  Use specific and related hashtags. Another strategy would be to think locally. Is your business in Austin, TX or Long Beach, CA? Try hashtags like #girlbossaustin and #mompreneurlongbeach.

3.    Use 7 hashtags. When writing this post, I noticed that at least 2 different sources stated the best number of hashtags was eleven just a couple of years ago. But, trends change with the times and a more recent study by SocialFresh indicates that 7 hashtags is the optimal number. Their study shows that using 7 hashtags generated the most ‘likes’ interaction, generating 23% more ‘likes’ on posts.

Instagram does allow you to use up to 30 hashtags but more than 8 hashtags may be perceived as spam and negatively impact your engagement.

Connect locally and search by location. If you serve a local market, you’ll want to connect with your local audience on Instagram. Liking and commenting on local photos is a great way to inspire curiosity about you and/or your business. Here’s how to find the locals:

  1. Open Instagram, click the microscope.
  2. Click the search bar.
  3. Click “Places” (You may have to scroll to the right)
  4. Click “Near Current Location”

You’ll be able to see all the photos taken near you and you can start liking and commenting.


Have a content theme. As a business account, you don’t want random photos of your kids, the dog, a few kittens and that pretty cocktail drink mixed in with your business photos. This means you’ll want to make sure your photos have a theme or a color scheme. Your photos should highlight your business and seem to carry a consistent overall theme.


Hopefully, this post gives you some ideas and a few quick ways to up your Instagram game today.

Do you have a favorite Instagram tip that’s quick and easy? Feel free to share in the comments.