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My favorite peeps have ❤️, love God, welcome the Lord’s direction in their business. They appreciate working with my extensive experience, learning new things, working online and quality time with loved ones.


I utilize 2 decades’ experience in the health & wellness industry using Internet prospecting, blogging, writing ad copy, designing landing pages and more… Here, also, is  where -working almost 100% online-I became a part of the Top 1% of my client’s earners in my first three years. The tasks that got me there are many of the same tasks I’ll be doing for you.




Hi, I’m Krissy Gillaspia, a Texan mom of two amazing sons and a fabulous German Shepherd. I love coconut everything and summer time is my favorite because – well – because coconut snow cones, of course!

I’m a former contributor/writer for 10 Best (div. of USA TODAY Travel) and I enjoy writing in my free time AND for my clients. I also know what it’s like to build an online business to the point of 7 figures and have over 15 years building online teams, training programs and more in direct sales — but that is a different story for another day 😉 

My reasons for doing what I do are named Joel and James. They are my sons and you may hear me mention them from time to time. I’m BIG on quality time with your kiddos no matter HOW old they are!



I create “mini marketing systems” for faith based business owners.

This includes:

  • Creating & scheduling social media content
  • Building email campaigns in MailChimp
  • Designing & building WordPress websites
  • Editing Divi sites
  • Create shop pages for you to sell you products on
  • Editing books for authors
  • Blog writing
  • Creating newsletter templates (also automating your lists)
  • Building landing pages, etc.
  • Connecting it all together

Not seeing what you need? Schedule a call. There is a good chance I can handle it for you as long as it doesn’t involve accounting, coding or medical/tech writing.



I’ve worked almost exclusively online for nearly two decades. That’s my preference as a work at home parent BUT it also allows me to work with you during nontraditional work hours.








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