Frequently Asked Questions

When is Payment Due?

Payment for all projects is due upon signing your contract. There are some situations where large scale projects can be broken into 2-3 payments depending on the scale of the project, completion intervals and project fee amount. This is usually reserved for projects over $500.

WordPress website only: For clients purchasing a new website, you’ll put 50% down and pay the final balance before “accepting the keys” to your new website.

When/How are Monthly Invoices Sent?

I do not operate on a ‘monthly invoice’ basis.  Invoices are paid up front and any additional invoice is sent for remaining balances on large scale projects or website balances. These invoices are also due upon receipt.

Payment methods include credit card, e-check or PayPal. I also use the “Cash” app when needed.

Do You Offer "a la carte" Services ?
Yes. Please schedule a call with me to discuss your project or a la carte services. Projects by flat fee are excellent choices for clients wanting to make the most of their budget. It eliminates any confusion around tracking hours in “hourly packages” and they know exactly what they are paying for.
Are Hourly Packages Available?
I do offer hourly packages up to 20 hours. However, I do not provide time tracking sheets. If you opt to purchase a block of hours, we will discuss what projects and tasks will be completed during the hours you’ve requested. Many clients prefer to pay as they go by the project or project bundle with an agreed upon fee.
What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
Payment options include PayPal, credit/debit cards and also the Cash app (available in the download store of your smart phone).
What's the On-Boarding Process Like?
  • First, you’ll schedule a 30 minute Q&A session with me to determine whether or not we’ll be a good match for your business. You can do that HERE.
  • Next, if it’s a “one off” project (like, for example, you order 5 branded social media images or a website set up and designed), we go over what you need, your ideas and make sure that we are both on the same page. If you are purchasing a block of hours, we talk about what you want to accomplish, determine the level of priority for each task and what, if any, tasks you expect to be ongoing on a monthly basis (This would usually mean things like social media management or is a good option for someone who regularly needs help with content, editing, website work, MailChimp campaigns, landing pages, etc.).
  • Finally, upon determining that we’d like to work together, you’ll select the package of your choice – or we’ll design a custom package for you, sign the agreement, pay your invoice and schedule our first strategy call. This is where we put a plan into motion and you see fun things happening in your world!
Do You Offer Non-Disclosure or Non-Compete Clauses ?
Yes, there is a clause in the agreement specifically designed for those needing non-disclosure or non-compete restrictions. This is also useful for those who need ghostwriting services and want confidentialty.

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