What is a “ghostwriter” and why should you hire a ghostwriter?

According to Wikipedia: A ghostwriter is a person who is hired to author books, manuscripts, screenplays, speeches, articles, songs, blog posts, stories, reports, white papers, or other texts that are officially credited to another person.

To be clear, I, personally, think that the majority of all content writers have written for someone else at some point. Many companies have text on their site, written by a content writer.

I say think of ‘ghostwriting’ as basically writing and creating content without any rights or bylines.

When Should You Hire a Ghostwriter? Is it Dishonest to Claim Your Writing as Mine?

That’s easy: When you have something to say but don’t have the words. You want to get some message or other information out there but you either don’t have the writing skills or the time or both! 

Is it dishonest? Think about this: Some of the world’s smartest people don’t have great writing skills or writing isn’t their passion. The president and many influential people use a form of ghostwriting: They just call it “speech writing.” Large companies will often have a spokesperson who writes their content for the media. Either way, it is still the message of the person or company. 

Hiring a ghostwriter simply allows you to concentrate on what you do best while focusing on your passions.  (and face it: you didn’t really want to write all the content on your website anyway, did you?)

What determines the “tone” or voice of the content?

Sometimes the content may be written “in the voice of” or tone of the person I’m writing for. That means, we’ll both get on the phone or Zoom with a glass of our favorite beverage. Next, we’ll spend some time talking and look over any blog posts or content they want to emulate.

Other times, the content requires an informative and friendly voice.

And sometimes, the client just needs some interesting posts  written to inform or inspire without personal style included.



My experience writing for others goes back about 20 years. I’ve written blog posts for clients who did not want an author’s name on the post. So, for example, one of my clients owned a string of tanning salons and sold franchises for mobile spray tan units. All the content about the tanning solutions, the equipment used, tips and resources for salon owners – everything –  was on a site with the writing credited to the client’s company. 

In another example, a women’s pregnancy care center needed generic articles relevant to expectant moms.

What makes me a better ghostwriter than others?

I’m an excellent editor!  Some days, that’s really all I want to do 😉 Don’t ask me why. I know that’s weird but I’ll tinker with words or edit grammar all day long. Many people want to know if I edit my own work. When I’m asked that question, I’m honestly surprised. I think that every good writer should be excellent with their English, grammar and most punctuation rules. But, the fact that people still ask the question leads me to believe that not all writers edit their work yet.  Another helpful perk I bring to ghostwriting:  Word Press editing, content management and uploading. Plus, I enjoy AP Style. Many clients don’t know what that is but for the ones that need it, I offer it.

The client typically chats with me via phone. Zoom or Skype. I take notes on what they envision their articles saying and what they want to achieve. Next, the client chooses to hire me for a package of posts (example: ten posts of 500-700 words) or they hire me on an ongoing basis for a certain amount of hours per month.

How is content delivered? I can either send them over in a document or go into the backend of websites or Word Press. I can upload and optimize further for SEO and add hyperlinks as needed.

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