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Want an easy way to boost team engagement AND build your followers on Instagram?

Challenge your team or business to use the same hashtags on the same days for 30 days. Share the hashtag sheets with each member.

AND… for ever more success, get a custom hashtag plan to get you in 5 or more of the “Top” hashtag categories on Instagram. I customize it based on your business’ average likes and create a custom cheat sheet you can refer to daily.

CUSTOM Hashtag Sheets:

I research your business, collect you up to 120 hashtags related to your business – with at least 5 of them going in “Top” of the category on Instagram. You’ll get a beautiful 30 Day Hashtag Challenge Sheet with all the hashtags you need to increase your followers and engagement. 

$75 – For researched hashtags & custom sheet

$25 – For basic hashtags related to your business and custom sheet

$15 – For custom hashtag sheet – 3 hashtags per day – no research – just basic hashtags in your business or generic hashtag words (think… #positivity, #sundayselfie, #empowered)

How to Order:

Fill out the “Let’s Connect” form by clicking the Schedule Call button below. In the notes, describe your ideal challenge sheet and include your phone and email address. I’ll be in touch to schedule a call with you and send you an invoice at that time.

Mini Plans: FREE Hashtag Challenge Sheets

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