Small Packages with BIG Results

Need a website in a hurry? Have a set of social media graphics or images you’d like to customize?

Wondering how to get your Instagram profile to look coordinated and the words to fit just right on your Instagram bio? 

Need followers that you identify with and not just any ol’ people on your Instagram feed?

What if you just have some things you need done?

You know, create a printable planner, get a few blog posts written or even a series of emails set up for your team?

All this and more can be accomplished with any of the packages below!

Instagram Content Creation & Scheduling Pack


I'll create 20 custom Instagram images for you and schedule them with up to 30 hashtags you provide me tastefully hidden in the comments of your posts. $200

Note: I create these images - custom - for your brand. They are one of a kind. For this price - which is a steal!, I also schedule them for you. This means they will go out automatically - no fuss, no worry on your part about remembering to post or what to post on your account. I use an app called Buffer because it is super easy to use but if you are using something else (HootSuite, etc.), I can schedule on there for you, also.

Instagram Complete Content, Followers, Hashtag Research


Get a cool "pattern" on your profile set-up, coordinated graphics and quotes, increase your audience while I show you the best hashtags for appearing in your TOP Instagram categories. Suggestions for content ideas. Includes 25 custom images and 5 mini-blog style posts. Posts will be auto scheduled for you.  $350 (August sale: $250)

Social Media Mini Pack: Images for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.


($20 for 5) By popular demand, my social media mini packages are back. These are 5 custom images formatted for IG, FB, Twitter, LI, Pinterest, etc. We have a quick call (or Zoom if you are outside of U.S.) where you describe your ideas and I take it from there and then I send to via email or upload to your Google Drive, whatever your preference.  Just click here and tell me how many you need. You can get the ball rolling faster if you want by clicking the Buy Now button below to get started but DEFINITELY connect with me to schedule a quick chat to go over your ideas. Examples.

Social Media Pack Options

WordPress Websites Plus Marketing Systems: Email, Text Apps, Landing Pages & More.


Choose from a basic fully set-up, five page WordPress website  to a full marketing system that includes landing pages to collect leads, email marketing campaigns to keep in front of your audience, sales and marketing help with copywriting, ad copy for your pages, shop copy for your online products and setting up your payment system to link to your products. Prices vary due to your needs being specific to you. Connect with me to talk, describe your ideas. For websites and marketing system packages, there are payment plan options.


Custom "a la carte" Packages Choose your own projects.


I get it: You need a little of everything done, right? We can do that.  We can customize a package to meet your needs.  Schedule a call and tell me what you are looking for. Pricing: Varies.


Hourly Packages - Sometimes this is can be a good option but for most people, you will save more and get more done with pre-determined package even if you re-design or adjust that package each month! Remember all work is customized to your branding and company's unique needs.


Mood Boards to Inspire You and Your Business


Inspiration for your business logo, branding, website color scheme and more often comes from the things around you. Maybe a photo you took on vacation or something that really speaks to you.

Set your website or landing page's vibe or even the theme for your next Master Class by using a Mood Board to set the tone and draw people in. We can do this with a simple photo or a selection of photos and often Pinterest is a great place to get inspired. What colors speak to your heart?

Prices: $50-$125


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