Client Reviews

I personally recommend Krissy in the highest regards! She has amazing energy, and she is, without a doubt, a jack of all trades. She slammed copywriting out of the park. Graphic design. You name it. I love working with Krissy because she’s super accessible and she made it super easy to pass things off to her without any hesitation. She’s an extension of you. If you don’t have Krissy on your team, you’re missing out on so much. She’s absolutely perfect for someone who’s scaling their business and looking to hand off some content, and graphics. She fills in all the holes so you can continue to stay in your zone of genius. Her services and her energy are priceless! Katey Olivia Mindset & Strategy Specialist

Katey Olivia Smyth


I was finishing a re-brand, and the social media graphics were the last bit to do. I was avoiding them because they’re just not my strength. Krissy took my brand mood board and turned it into a bunch of customizable templates that I just love. Better yet, I can use them over and over. Krissy’s work was the icing on the cake, and now I *finally* feel like my re-brand is complete.

Leesa Klich

Content & Credibility Specialist for Wellness Professionals,

Krissy is my go-to person when I need documents in Adobe Pro edited or formatted. She also sends out email campaigns for me using MailChimp and provides email reports and statistics. Charlie Boyd, IV

Councilman, City of Boerne

Krissy always provided me with very creative communication that I could send to my clients. I appreciate Krissy’s creativity and professionalism and highly recommend her. Stephanie De Winne

Account Manager, Walkingspree

She did an excellent job wearing a variety of hats helping us with our marketing and promotional needs. Whether it was as a content writer for our weekly wellness blog articles, maintaining our social media presence, creating and editing our external and internal advertising, she produced great work for us.

Nathan Pickle

Chief Revenue Officer, Walkingspree