Disturbing Thought Patterns: Who Would You Be Without Them?

For many years, I attended church where well-known author and minister, Max Lucado, preaches. One week, he really made an impression on me. His lesson that day had to do with disturbing thought patterns and the impact that disturbing thoughts can have on the direction of our lives. It’s probably been a good 10-12 years since that Sunday morning. But, it stuck with me. In fact, it’s stayed with me through thick and thin.

I was responsible for sending out a weekly e-newsletter to a few thousand home business owners at the time. I also worked with them and coached them on a variety of topics. Many times, our sessions would morph into a bit of a pep talk or a counseling session on handling negative thoughts and how they impact our daily lives.

This made Max’s sermon personally very valuable because I would end up coaching a few hundred women over the next decade. I would learn that so many of us deal with negative thoughts constantly. It’s a real problem. Actually, it’s an epidemic. But, that’s a topic for another day.

Disturbing Thought Patterns

For now, here’s my take on Max’s sermon about

Disturbing Thought Patterns (He called them DTP’s)

His point was that so much of our time is spent thinking or focusing on Disturbing Thought Patterns. We let them influence our lives to the point we never reach the goals or the potential we could have. 

I applied this to my business. (12 years ago, I was doing something different but I notice that life has a way of keeping certain elements constant. We always have to be on the lookout for these things it seems!)

For instance, have you ever

Rehashed over and overWhy that person hung up, clammed up, walked away… and what you should have said? (instead of focusing on the solution?)

Let a setback get you so down that it affected the rest of your productivity that day?  “I’m just so disappointed I cannot work!”

Replayed an argument in your head over and over? Getting angry all over again and again?  Getting worked up over something you really should just leave alone and move on?

Really WORRIED about failing in your business? The I’m not sure if I cans are really destructive.

Had the thought (more than once) while calling a client or a colleague: She probably won’t answer or He is not going to take my call. He’s too busy. or I’m going to get stood up. She’s not interested anyway.

And…. Are you also guilty of believing it doesn’t show up in your voice on the phone or voicemail? People notice. Don’t make the mistake of thinking they don’t. It might even be subconscious on their parts. But, we’re all experts at hiding how we notice things unless it suits us.

Next, you wondered why they didn’t get back to you, right?

Maybe you’ve thought to yourself that you aren’t getting anywhere. And… instead of asking yourself WHY and doing something about it, you know exactly what it’s like to just sit there letting that thought permeate your being.

I have been guilty of ALL of those things in business at one time or another.

(And over 12 years after writing this, I can say I’ve been guilty of it on a personal basis in my relationships with people, too!)

Disturbing Thought Patterns are toxic waste. Hazardous material. They permeate your body, your mind, and make you feel bad mentally. They eventually harm your physical well-being. They enhance and encourage STRESS. Your thought focus is then basically “in the dumps.”

Max Lucado asked the congregation to think about this: 

What could we have done in our lives up to this point if we had never had a disturbing thought pattern? 

What if we hadn’t gotten sidetracked and put things aside? 

What if we had focused on the matters at hand? 

What if we had done what we set out to do without letting negative thoughts get in the way? 


Disturbing Thoughts

Imagine the accomplishments, the feeling of getting it right that we would feel and where we would be!

So, my own question and my personal challenge became figuring out who IS – the person that does NOT let DTPs rule their world?

Here’s who that person would be and what it would look like.

–>Someone who does NOT let setbacks affect them (for very long anyway, after all, it’s only human to feel things) or things in their daily lives mess them up completely.

–>Someone who walks by faith. Who takes the time to really dive in and figure out what walking by faith means. Day by day.

–>Someone who does NOT sit around whining about the things they don’t like when they could be doing something more productive with their time and feeling mentally better with more positive thought patterns.

–>Someone who makes a daily conscious decision NOT to think negatively and to catch themselves in the act.

–>Someone who DOES move forward NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.  No matter how many times they hear an answering machine, get no response or hear the word “no.” 

Determination in a word.

–>Someone who puts on the horse blinders to the negative thoughts around them and that they deal with. 

–>Someone who knows that no in business is not a personal rejection.  Simply a step further down the road bringing you closer to your goals.

Life won’t stop throwing things at us. We can’t stop walking by faith and we can’t cease stomping out negative thoughts and the patterns they take.

Kick out the disturbing thoughts and don’t waste valuable thought time on them.  Don’t let them cripple your creativity or your attitude. Don’t let them cause you to be less than you are. It’s your choice. You kick them out. 

No one else can.

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