Expires November 30, 2017

Get a WordPress website with 5 pages, images and more for $200. Payment plans are available. If you, or someone you know, needs an affordable, fully functional website, this could be the perfect opportunity to get some work done, set up your website and jump into your online business or start your blog.

This service was started because clients have asked me more more than once to start offering WordPress Website packages for their friends and colleagues going into business. 

Examples of people who could use a WordPress website:

  • Craft Business Owners – to sell their creations
  • Authors, Writers – to sell their works or advertise their content writing services
  • Virtual Assistants – to promote their services and have a website for clients to refer to.
  • Bloggers – Especially new bloggers trying to figure out all the tools and what they need.
  • Life Coaches, Mindset Coaches, Career Coaches
  • Personal Fitness Trainers
  • Networkers, Women with Teams
  • Small Business Owners
  • You!

What will your new WordPress website package include?

  • A fully functional website with your brand or theme colors
  • 5 pages (example: Blog, Contact form, About, Home, Services)
  • Social media plug-in to link to your social media platforms (Facebook page, Instagram, etc.)
  • SEO plug-in to optimize your pages and your post for search.
  • Stock images for your 5 pages
  • A 30 minute walk-thru or “How to Use Your Website” session for the technically challenged.
  • Option for monthly maintenance
  • 10% off VA services monthly package or project coupon to use after website is complete.

e-Commerce option

For those who are selling products and taking orders on their website, a shopping option setup is available for an extra fee.

Payment Questions: 

When is payment due? 50% down to get started. Remaining balance due 10-14 days later or upon completion of website – whichever occurs first. Bonuses available for payment in full.

Methods of payment? Credit, Debit, e-Check and PayPal. You will be invoiced through your email and click a link to access & view your invoice online.

How do we get started?  We will schedule a time to talk via phone, Skype or Zoom depending on your location. If you are in the U.S. or Canada – I prefer phone. If you are in other locations – we can set up a Skype or Zoom meeting. If you need help with either of those, just let me know and I can send a link to get set up.  

Next: After our phone call, if we agree that I’m a good fit for your website needs, I’ll send you a contract that you can sign online, followed by an invoice. Once your first invoice for 50% down is paid, I’ll get started on your website and provide you with regular updates and also ask you for any materials you’ll need to provide. (examples: your logo, preferred images, color preferences, etc.)

Are there any discounts for paying in full? Yes, for those who pay in full you may choose between 2 free months of regular maintenance on your site OR complimentary content writing  of up to 500 words on your website. *Great option for those who just “don’t know what to say” on their ABOUT page or whose first language isn’t English.

Do you offer content writing services? “My first language isn’t English” -or- I just don’t have the time to write all my own stuff.” Yes, my content writing services also include content editing which means I can help you make your sentences flow easily and your grammar will be excellent on your website. *If your first language isn’t English – as long as you and I can talk easily – I can definitely write your content. Sometimes, you need to showcase your skills that don’t require you to know English but you need help communicating about them in English. This is where I can help.

Ready to get started?

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